Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Joint Chinese College Alumni Association (JCCAA)

Leisure Learning Club (LLC)

2008 Registration Form

English Name _______________ Chinese Name ________________ Spouse Name ______________

E-Mail _____________________________ Phone (H) ______________ Phone (Other) ___________

JCCAA Member*? Yes _______ No ________

College Graduated _____________________ Year _____________ Major ______________________

LLC Membership Fee:

JCCAA Member/Spouse: $10 Renewal $15 New Member

Non-JCCAA Member: $15 Renewal $20 New Member

Payment Type: Cash $_____________ Check# ________________

Date Submitted to Treasurer (Official Use Only) __________________

* JCCAA members are alumni of the following member schools:

文化大學University of Chinese Culture

中央大學National Central University

中原大學Chung Yuang University

中興大學National Chung Hsing University

台灣大學Nataional Taiwan University

北一女Taipei First Girls’ High School

成功大學National Cheng Kung University

交通大學National Chiao Tung University

東吳大學Soo Chow University

東海大學TungHai University

政治大學National Cheng Chi University

海洋大學National Taiwan Ocean University

師範大學National Taiwan Normal University

淡江大學Tam Kang University

清華大學National Tsing Hwa University

輔仁大學Fu-Jen University

銘傳大學Ming Chung College

實踐大學Shih Chien University

靜宜大學Providence College

藝術大學National Art College

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