Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Joint Chinese College Alumni Association

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01/19/2008 Trees & Greens (Cosponsored by 銘傳校友會)

Local Master Gardeners with years of experience will talk about the selection and growth of green things and all kinds of fruit trees such as citrus, stone fruit, and tropical fruit that thrive in local climates. Come get inspired, turn your thumb green, and enjoy the harvest.

02/09/2008 Kick-off

Program overview, dinner, fashion show, and dance party. Come celebrate the Chinese New Year with us!

03/01/2008 Wine Making & Tasting (Cosponsored by 輔仁校友會)

Learn how to make red and white grape wine at your own home followed by a wine tasting event. Sample 4 kinds of wine with appetizers. Start with a fruity light white Riesling, which goes well with fruits and cheese and followed by a rich red wine poured directly from a French oak barrel. A lady's delight after-dinner Ice wine is the next to sample and men can sip an old Port wine made from home grown Japanese Satsuma Prune.

03/06/2008 Lang Lang Concert 郎朗鋼琴演奏會

"Lang Lang is a marvel, his ease of virtuosity astonishing, his stage presence magnetic." - The Times (London). One thing is certain – his is a prodigious talent. The young Chinese pianist Lang-Lang made a dramatic entrance onto the world stage in 1999. The Chicago Symphony had asked him at the last minute to replace an ailing Andre Watts. His emotional exuberance and technical mastery that night quickly made him one of the most heralded new classical performers; and he was only seventeen years old. As of 2007, Lang-Lang has performed with most of the major orchestras of the world.

Conductor: Hans Graf

Programs: Liszt, Les Preludes; Chopin, Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise ; Franck, The Accursed Huntsman; Liszt, Piano Concerto No. 1

04/27/2008 Skin Care Seminar

Making a good first impression is not only about how people perceive each other, it’s also about how we perceive ourselves. A board certified family practice physician will introduce some of the latest and most popular cosmetic procedures in a clinical setting. Come and learn about Botox®, Restylane®, Juvederm®, photo facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasions, and many other cosmetic procedures that you’ve been curious about.

05/25/2008-06/02/2008(9-day) or 05/22/2008-06/04/2008(14-day) A 9 - Day South China Tour & Optional Shanghai Wardrobe Shopping (add 5 days)

江南風情九日遊 &上海101- 懷舊之旅

Deluxe 9 Day- Huangshan & Yangtze South Tour: Shanghai, Huangshan, Hongcun Village, Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Suzhou

Shanghai 101 – Experience the true Shanghai, shopping, shopping, custom-made wardrobe, mass-transit system and more. Stay at historical Richards Hotel (浦江飯店), lunch at Li Hongzhang’s (鴻章) garden, dinner at Du Yuesheng’s (杜月笙) house and other local favorite restaurants. By the end, you will be able to get around Shanghai and bargain like locals.

07/20/2008 Clay Art (Cosponsored by 銘傳校友會)

Create beautiful ornaments, flower arrangement, accessories, and art work using air-dry clay that is light weight and durable. Witness the flower bloom pedal by pedal in your own hands. Design and create unique artworks that will give you lifetime enjoyment and memory.

08/16/2008 Magic of Health Cooking

You are what you eat! Come to learn how to cook healthfully and enhance a healthy life style. Use simple herbal ingredients in your daily cooking to promote the health of everyone in your household. Cook vegetarian dishes without compromising the taste and varieties. Learn recipes that can help you manage some chronic health problems. Let’s discover a whole new cooking concept together!

09/06/2008 Dancing with Friends (Cosponsored by 台大校友會)

Dreaming of being the one “Dancing with the Stars”? Longing for the excitement but too shy to take the first step? Here comes your opportunity! Learn basic ballroom dancing and country western dances at this beginner’s workshop that is open to all interested. Enjoy dancing with your friends. Someday you might just become a shining star.

10/19/2008 High Definition TV (Cosponsored by 中興校友會)

Are you ready for HD TV? Do you know how to choose the "right one"? What will happen to your old TV sets once all TV broadcasting is switched to digital signal? Come, learn, and get ready for this major transformation. Topics include Digital vs. Analog broadcasting; HD Basics - 1080i , 1080p, HDMI; HD TVs - Plasma vs. LCD vs. DLP; HD Channels - Cable, Direct TV or RF antenna; HD appliances; and HD software.

November/2008 LLC Golf Tournament
 Details to be announced.

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