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The Joint Chinese College Alumni Association of Southern U.S.A.

The JCCAA Political/ Public Policy Scholarship

Purpose: To encourage and inspire college students and graduate school students to pursue a political career in government and public policy.

Criteria: Eligible applicants must be students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or a graduate program at an accredited college or university. Students who have received JCCAA scholarships in this same category twice in the past are not eligible to apply. Applicants must either:

  1. have already been offered, or be in the process of applying for, a position of an intern for at least six weeks in spring 2008, summer 2008 or fall 2008 at the office of any U.S. Senator, U.S. Congressman, Texas State Senator, Texas State Representative, or Houston City Councilmember; or

  2. be interested in and committed to an intern position as described above which is created for the recipient of this scholarship by JCCAA in cooperation with other organization(s).

The scholarship recipients will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Passion and dedication to pursue a political career in public policy and government;

  2. Past engagement and future plans in political activities;

  3. Superior communication skills with flawless English writing and speaking capability;

  4. Good leadership and people skill with maturity in dealing with diverse constituents;

  5. Academic excellence; and

  6. Demonstrated ability to understand Chinese culture and to communicate and work with the Chinese American community.

Finalist(s) for the scholarship will be interviewed by the JCCAA scholarship committee.

Application: Applicants must submit to the JCCAA the following documents:

  1. An application form and an essay in English of 500 words or less as described in the form (attached);

  2. A college transcript covering all his/her undergraduate and graduate work, if applicable, that has been completed thus far;

  3. If the applicant has already been offered (or is in the process of applying for) an intern position at a Congressional, State, or Houston City Council office, submit a copy of the offering letter (or the application package that was submitted to that office); and

  4. Any additional material, not to exceed five pages, that the applicant wishes to submit in order to establish his/her qualification for this scholarship

Amount: The JCCAA intends to award scholarship in the amount of $2000 each to up to two qualified applicants in 2008. This is going to be paid to cover the expenses to support his/her internship work. This scholarship does not preclude the candidate from accepting any other scholarships or financial aids.

Obligations: The JCCAA is a well established, scholarship awarding organization in Houston area since 1987. This Political Scholarship in Government and Public Policy is a high honor and expected to be acknowledged in the recipient’s all future reference. The recipient has the obligation to complete the internship in good standing and obtain a confirmation letter of such status from the hiring office. Upon the receipt of a copy of the confirmation letter, a check of $2,000 will be mailed to the scholarship recipient.

Timeline: Applications to this JCCAA scholarship, due February 28, 2008, must be mailed to: JCCAA Scholarship Committee, Chinese Culture Center, Mail Box 56, 10303 Westoffice Dr., Houston, TX 77042. Scholarship recipients will be announced by early May, and honored at the Scholarship Award Banquet in June 2008.

Contacts and Questions: Email to jccaa_political_2008@yahoo.com.

The Joint Chinese College Alumni Association of Southern U.S.A.

Application Form

The JCCAA Political/ Public Policy Scholarship

Send the completed Application Form and required documents by February 28, 2008 to:

The JCCAA Scholarship Committee

Chinese Culture Center, Mail Box 56

10303 Westoffice Dr.

Houston, TX 77042

Please send an email notice to jccaa_political_2008@yahoo.com upon mailing the application via surface mail.

Please type or print clearly.

Name: _____________________________________ (Chinese Name, if any: ________________)

Home Address: ________________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________

________________________________________ Gender: ____M ____F

Email Address: ________________________________________ Phone: ________________

College Name: _____________________________________________ Yrs. Attended: ______

Major in: _____________________________________ Degree Earned: __________________

College Name: ______________________________________________ Yrs. Attended: ______

Major in: _____________________________________ Degree Earned: __________________

Father’s Name:_______________ (Chinese Name, if any: ___________ ) JCCAA Member:Yes/No

Mother’s Name:______________ (Chinese Name, if any: ___________) JCCAA Member: Yes/No

The Congressional, State, or City Council office you plan to work as an intern: ______________

___________________________________. Time period: ______________________________

Please attach an essay in English of 500 words or less addressing the following questions:

1. The reasons why you are interested in the internship.

2. Previous work experience or volunteer work relating to political activities, government or public policy.

3. Given a choice, what do you see as an ideal career path for you in the next ten years?

Applicant’s Signature: _________________________________ Date: __________________

All information provided with this application will be kept strictly confidential. All documents and materials submitted with this application will not be returned.

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